Nash Tysmans is a writer, teacher, and community worker. Her passion for education and cultural exchange sends her off into the open road–always asking questions, always wanting to wander. Her essays cover the places and persons she’s come to know and the events that have shaped all of them.

At present, she is writing two books. One on the secret life of her cloaked grandfather and another book co-authored by an 89-year-old Philippine writer whose conversation merits more than just a footnote in her country’s history.

In the future, she hopes for more stories to tell and better chances to get lost along the way.

(See Reader, this portion of the blog gets edited on occasion but I rarely lose touch with my former self because we have to remember who we were in order to become who we must be.)

[January 23, 2013]


Hello! This page gets edited every now and then. It’s much like having parents mark your height on a wall–I’ve outgrown the need for this but now I stand against the wall and assess how tall I’ve grown. The year has just begun and after last year’s dry spell, I’m determined to write everyday.

Thinking seriously about travel and what it means to me. Realizing that once you step out of the house on any great adventure, life never returns to the ordinary. Everything comes alive with possibility and the world, though small in many other ways, remains magnanimous and full of presents for those who embrace it. This 2013, I’m saying yes to the road and yes to this big, beautiful world.

Needing support and encouragement as well with the writing. (It’s a big step–telling others and acknowledging the need for help–admitting I can’t do this alone.) Trying to sustain the New Year’s momentum and tell one story a day for the rest of year chronicling places, persons, events–everything the road has previously gifted me with. The backlog is getting ridiculous and the road doesn’t quite end so I either write now or forget forever. Choosing to write, needing the pressure. Stay tuned please and help me get these stories told. – N. [January 5, 2013]

This time last year, I was studying–or something like that. I’ve since then taught high school students, celebrated year two of teaching college kids, and formally associated myself with a government office. Reading the three R’s is always a challenge but I’ve found that my reading has now widened to include more history books and tougher questions. I struggle to keep jotting down book thoughts here. In the meantime, I am as always–here, there, somewhere, nowhere–trying to be present. Trying to do good and make time to write about important things. Hello, thanks for stopping by, do drop a line or two. 🙂 -N. [Oct. 18, 2012]

(Update: What follows is a two (or three) year-old blurb for this site. I keep it because it reminds me of my younger, hopeful self whom you will not recognize as well in recent entries because you’ll meet a somewhat feistier version of myself. I won’t spoil the fun but I’ll say that these days, reading my three R’s has been a challenge. I’m currently completing a masteral degree in the problems of nations and teaching on the side. Feel free to browse and drop a line. I don’t bite but I will if I have to.) – Aug. 7, 2011

A repository of all that keeps me going.

The name Toynbee Convector is the title of a story by Ray Bradbury. It’s about a man who unveils a world of possibility. He travels forward on a machine he calls the Toynbee Convector and returns to the present in order to tell people of the wonderful things he saw. As a reaction to this, people began to build things as he claims he saw them in the future. Except, there’s a twist and I won’t tell you what it is. You must find out on your own.

Read Ray Bradbury and learn to live forever!

Hi! My name is Nash. I like to read, write, sleep and think. Ray Bradbury, Rainer Maria Rilke and Richard Brautigan wrote the books I take to bed with me. I try to take lots of pictures and document everything that makes me feel alive and infinite. Mostly it’s the open road and a ticket to nowhere/everywhere that excites me. I’ll get there.

In the meantime, I’m here.

Thank you for stopping by. ♥


p.s here’s Bradbury on book love from Fahrenheit 451:

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Contact Addresses for Ray Bradbury.

    For fan mail, via his publisher:

    HarperCollins Publishers Inc.
    10 East 53rd Street
    New York, New York 10022

    For permissions and other legal questions, via his agency:

    Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
    156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 625
    New York, New York 10010

  2. Hi Nash! I’m finally following you on WordPress. I’m just getting started with this, so I guess I’m a late bloomer. Reading about your Indian adventures now. 😀

  3. Gede Prama says:

    Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

  4. Hello…
    I found you on the WISE Learners website (I went over there to see who got picked over me last year, lol, and I fell down the rabbit hole of the truly inspiring people I discovered).
    I think your blog is wonderful, and I’ve only just started reading it. There is so much that I can relate to, which is awesome, and so much that I can learn from, which is awesome-r. If it’s not creepy/weird I’d love to email you or something…
    I’m glad I found the Toynbee Convector (And I’ll definitely look into the Three R’s now).
    Love, peace and adventure.

  5. Hola,

    I found my way here after reading your Youngblood contribution. Great piece.

    And great blog too, of course. I’ll take time to read your posts about Manila, there’s an interesting bunch there.


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