Missing India.


I and the barber of Varanasi.

I need another excuse to see this place. If you know of a way, please tell me.

In between book transactions, a friend expressed his desire to visit India. I was dumbstruck, capable only of telling him to just please go! It’s past two in the morning over here and I’m looking at photos wondering why I wrote so little in public about this beautiful, beautiful place and the grand adventure I had when I was there.

I used Facebook statuses as proof of life for my parents and in the coming days, I hope to share photos and stories of all the people and places I saw.

Everyone should visit India once in their lives.


7 thoughts on “Missing India.

    • Dearest, the list goes on but the pocket is not deep enough. What’s really expensive is the plane fare–everything else I could wing on my lowly teacher’s salary. These are good excuses, though.

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