Two ears, one mouth.

Coping with the devastation Typhoon Haiyan left in its wake has made me exercise my mouth more than my ears. I watch the news with my mother and before the program is over, I hear myself asking her why such and such was not done by so and so. When she tries to explain, it only feeds my frustration.

There, that’s the word for it: frustration. I’m thinking this is the result of helplessness. Being far from ground zero and unable to directly be of assistance makes me freer to think these thoughts. The collecting and packing of relief, with all its chaos and nuances, is tiring too. But as I’ve said before and continue to see with each passing disaster: I’m grateful for their effort, for their sense of civic duty and love for their fellow man.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to learn in all this though is nurturing a heart that understands. One that has been fed Truth because the mouth is silent and the ears are open.

Help me actively listen.

My mantra in all this: two ears, one mouth, two ears, one mouth, two ears, one mouth…


One thought on “Two ears, one mouth.

  1. There’s something to be done about helplessness.
    But learned helplessness? I’m a little less enthusiastic about that.

    We weren’t prepared, and there’s a lot we can say, but you’re right Nash. Two ears, one mouth. We also have two hands and feet, which we need to get to work.

    Thanks for posting. Always good to hear your thoughts.

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