One With Sulu.

It’s finally here! This is just a teaser! We’ve worked on a short documentary to help raise funds for classrooms that we’re building in partnership with the Philippine Marines and the Tausug community in Sulu.

In a few hours we’ll be launching an exhibit and the premiere of our little film just to show people how beautiful it is in these parts. While I may not blog much about things I work on apart from my personality and my inner life, I do wish to share an advocacy I have. Ever since I could appreciate having the opportunity to get educated–whether formally or informally–I’ve seen the value in making sure everyone has access to education, no matter what their age, nationality, or gender.

This year I have been fortunate to join kindred spirits in making the journey to our southern shores and I’ve found that education still makes the biggest difference in the lives of children and their parents. Learning increases participation in community life which in turn revitalizes the understanding of civic duties and responsibility. In Sulu, we do not aspire to save but rather enable children to live dignified, happy lives by providing them first with the spaces conducive to learning.

We’ve dreamt of bringing together children, the military, and civil society–except we’ve done all our dreaming with eyes wide open and hands quick to build. Today, our hearts are full because we’re marking a year of wandering and being found at that point Frederick Buechner describes as the place where our deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet. This is where we have been called and it’s a fantastic place to be.

As for the future of these beautiful islands? Well, this is only the beginning. The work continues!


Ending this post I realize it’s been half a year since I quit my job and as we go through the motions later, I’ll be quick to say a prayer in gratitude for the months that were. Scary and daunting as it was, I believe now, more than ever that leaving too had its purpose. This is the junction where fate and faith meet.


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