Rest.To rest quietly in the midst of strangers.

I’ve been told to watch who I trust and always be wary because people are not who they seem. It’s true. Sometimes those we rely on to know us best and love us, warts and all, are the same people who betray us.

But this is just my medicine, speaking. I’m hiding aches and pains–I’ve slipped down some stairs, twisted my body so I would fall on my chest instead of my spine. Teeth broke, part of my thigh is black and blue–a strange plum complexion I’ve never seen on my own skin.

Perhaps this is a good metaphor for my current life. I’m giving day in an day out and consequently, life beats me up. It’s a reminder to stay put, to slow down, to find some calm.

Tonight, I’m shutting down. Unplugging. Listening to crickets and the sound of rain on my roof. No gadgets, no messages–just my own weak pulse.

To give, you must love yourself beyond reason–especially when logic says otherwise.


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