Value of Suffering.

The only thing worse than assuming you could get the better of suffering, I began to think (though I’m no Buddhist), is imagining you could do nothing in its wake. And the tear I’d witnessed made me think that you could be strong enough to witness suffering, and yet human enough not to pretend to be master of it. Sometimes it’s those things we least understand that deserve our deepest trust. Isn’t that what love and wonder tell us, too?

– Pico Iyer on The Value of Suffering.

This is going to stay with me awhile. Having come and gone, I thought I would return home feeling as if I knew more–was more certain of what it was I knew, too. But as it turns out, this vagueness is what I ought to trust in.

Still have to mull over this some more but I do appreciate the hard truths that Mr. Iyer presents. Hoping that one day our paths might meet. Keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s see.


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