Just briefly: On lesson plans and future lectures.

It’s still very, very true and apparent that one’s schooling must never get in the way of an education. Thinking about one’s workplace too. The funny thing is, since leaving gradschool and deciding to do things differently, I seem to have firmed up a commitment I made to myself when I was younger–I always knew there was something fishy about how we learned things in the university. We were never made to read whole books or take concepts up completely only to shatter them through our own analysis.

Still very aware of these, I’m starting early this year and reconfiguring my syllabus so that my students have time to really go through folks like Plato, Burke, and Marx. The time to process and approach these with the right questions might better aid them at living compared to a compilation of bite-sized tidbits.

It’s so often that students here learn under the tutelage of someone who has already formed a deep and unflinching understanding of something and that can quickly get in the way of a student’s learning. They either fear us so much they agree with everything or they disagree but only to a certain extent (as they remain oblivious of the bigger debates that have formed throughout the history of ideas). I really hope I don’t stand in the way of helping others learn.

All of this reviewing has also showed me my inadequacies as a teacher and admittedly, I’m a little worried about the prospects for further education considering my academic background. I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I really do have a tendency of letting things hang when fundamental differences surface…but I’d like to think that in terms of getting myself educated, I did put some effort into it.

Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. More and more, I’d really like to do some more academic writing, too. It seems I’ve grown me a set of things to say, yet again.

All of this aside, I have just come from another trip to Sulu and again I am filled to the brim with conviction–for every child we educate, the hope of transforming their lives and giving them the power to shape it, becomes real. Here’s hoping.


One thought on “Just briefly: On lesson plans and future lectures.

  1. Glad you’re back 🙂 I couldn’t agree with you more, and for the sake of not typing an essay long response, will do my best to keep it brief. First, thank you. I’ve been thinking A LOT lately about absolute misfortune of students who skim through the surface of things their for their entire lives. We’re becoming an increasingly superficial society thanks to social media and technology. Education is the key to changing that. Second, regardless of your education, what sets an educator apart from the rest is a willingness to constantly reflect and grow. I’m absolutely convinced that is the key. You ultimately teach through your own example, and when you grow with your students, you inspire them in deeper ways than a diploma could. So kudos. I look forward to hearing your stories as you teach and grow 🙂

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