First Meals, New Thrills.

The First MealJust very briefly because things took off twice as fast as expected–one minute I was working three different timezones and now I’m in Delhi surrounded by incredible young minds involved in development.

Here’s my first real taste of authentic Indian food–my favorite is still the paneer, dhal and roti combo. I also really love basmati rice.

The adventure has finally begun!


7 thoughts on “First Meals, New Thrills.

  1. Congratulations on your trip there, and I’m glad you’ve been having fun! I’ve been following your blog since before you quit your job & won the competition (and I’ve been reading it before I joined WordPress, actually; we have some friends in common and I stumbled upon your Twitter and blog from there), so I feel proud, in a weird way. Haha! Anyway, yeah, congratulations again! Excited to hear more of your stories and insights!

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