Blooming in April: When Writing Feels Great.

April Showers.

The flowers have started to bloom outside our front gate signaling the arrival of summer. It’s an event I look forward to the same way the Japanese anticipate the coming of the cherry blossoms–if you notice, the flowers are similarly poised for viewing. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to sit and watch them. At best, I see them in the evening, illuminated by street lamps. Perhaps this is a good time as any to enjoy the sight of them?

April is always a month of possibility. I usually get work or embark on new projects on this month as it often feels specially charged with positive energy. This year, apart from the usual projects at work, I’m looking into more creative work with heritage items. Every piece of our history has a special story to tell and the more I do research into time periods, the more I discover that there’s so much we don’t learn in school. Items too are better contextualized through place. Seeing areas makes them more alive–so, field trips are a must!

I don’t know why I’m writing about these possibilities but I guess this is the best segue I can think of to celebrate the traffic I’ve been getting these past few days. For the longest time, I’ve been keeping this blog, writing for myself–in order to understand things I can’t often articulate in conversation–and inasmuch as this has been a rewarding process, it gets lonely too. Often blogging feels like talking to a wall and though I’m sure writers are happy enough being read, I sometimes wonder what it’s like to really strike conversations online and debate the merits of certain things.

I’m reminded often that writing is only as good as the accompanying photos or the way the text is laid out.  Even at work, my boss reminds me of how short the attention span of people is online, and in general. People are just not interested or able to sit still and read, he says. I want to agree at times because it can get so quiet here.

But I don’t and I write anyway. It feels good to tell stories, especially that of the people and the places I see. I firmly believe that individuals each see things a different way and to not tell others about what we see is a waste–because our capacity to be awed by things is great. And it’s equally special to share this with all of you.

Thank you for dropping by, saying hello and offering such kind words. I have nothing to offer the lot of you in return except more words and photos. I hope these will suffice. You have all given me a great dose of encouragement–which I find incredibly difficult to quantify. And if you found me on account of loneliness, I have to say, my heart’s been abloom all week! It definitely feels like April.

Flowers Flowers 2. Flowers 3.


3 thoughts on “Blooming in April: When Writing Feels Great.

  1. I find myself struggling with the same question of how to keep my posts “entertaining” as I once again delve into my writing and share my stories as well. But at the end of the day, you never know who your pieces and entries can and do inspire, whether it’s one person who really needs it or many. Hurrah for April and the month of possibilities!

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