Losing faith.

Winter at the Vatican by Leonard Freed.

Winter at the Vatican by Leonard Freed.

This just about sums up how I currently feel about my Church. We’re huddled outside, freezing in the cold of our doubts while somewhere, far away, locked in the comfort of their palaces, the priests have been talking to an empty god–proclaiming the need for our salvation.

Okay, some of that’s an exaggeration. But still, this photo resonates because I’ve never felt so “left out in the cold” by an institution I’ve always found some peace in.

Lately, we’ve been talking about faith at work. At lunch, in between meetings–there’s been some talk of god and frankly, it’s refreshing.


I wrote this post prior to the Pope’s resignation and when that came to pass, I felt as if spring had come. When the leader of the Church says that perhaps his age betrays his capacity to serve, then good. For once, a member of the Church recognizes both God’s divinity and man’s humanity–his limits in the face of the infinite.


Then yesterday, on the news, I read about how the Catholic Diocese of Bacolod went out of its way to make a fool of itself and make a mockery of my faith. This is not about the Pope anymore, or determining who is answerable to whom but rather, taking things into perspective, it’s about how the exigencies of statecraft are not within the realm of the Church’s responsibilities. Saying this is merely a reiteration of the constitution–you already know about the separation of Church and State. This is in no means a way by which I am antagonizing the Church, either. I don’t mean to call out the bishops or their organizations for voicing out opinions that their citizenship in this republic affords them. But I draw the line at lists of candidates.  That’s just below the belt.

I just developed a headache. More on this when I don’t feel like knocking on every bishop’s door–only, perhaps, to be ignored like I was last time.


2 thoughts on “Losing faith.

  1. I saw that recently, and I’m still in a daze. I do believe that we are imperfect people, even those serving in the Catholic church, and I sincerely hope that you will be able to once again find peace in this institution. Lots of hugs, Nash!

    • Oh Najee, there definitely are imperfect people–all of us belong to this category. I just can’t take this. It’s clearly wrong. But hello, thanks for dropping by. I really enjoy hearing from you.

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