The gang.

Photo by Lindsay Goldberg.

Sometimes it isn’t about where you go but who you travel with, much like it is in life, right?

As February rolls by, I’m tempted to introduce those people who have made the journeys worthwhile. Having been somewhat successful at maintaining my writing juju and exceeding last year’s total of posts (which I think was just around 15?), I feel more confident about continuing.

These are M and M lying next to me. E is missing. I don’t think she arrived yet when this was taken but she was well on her way. We took a random two week trip up north two years ago. The circuit was Baguio, Kalinga, Sagada, Banaue, Baguio then Manila–if I remember correctly. There shall be photos and stories of auspiciousness.

Because sometimes you think you know yourself but in reality, you’ll only know you through them.


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