Closer to an altar.

Altars.I am inching closer to building an altar and discovering that most, if not all, faiths have room in them for others. Since taking refuge in Buddhism, I have come to find more ways to try and practice the Noble Path. So far, everything seems to be in order except for the annihilation of bugs–which explains why I am writing, half-high over the mothballs I’ve scattered everywhere.

This is what the fridge looks like. I haven’t included my favorite Hindu deities yet but they too will be part of the altar.

If travelling has taught me anything it’s that I must have faith and the more I get out and observe others practice theirs, the more I feel compelled to find myself among the great and even the quieter religions. While Catholicism has been my creed ever since, other religions have taught me more about it than my own teachers and priests have. I suppose that’s the beauty of being mindful–we allow ourselves to learn from others.

The hunger for belief and the search for meaning still compels me to travel–perhaps someday I’ll find what it is that I’m looking for? For now–stillness and the road. Possibly less mothballs too? Dizzy-stepping en route to bed.


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