To rest in spite of the ambiguities.

Sleep.My cowardice and indecision aside, I’m too tired to defend myself against loneliness and the reality that even connections must be broken before they are even fully realized.

I always thought every person we connected with would stay with us up to a point–that natural moment at each one’s life when we grow less attached and veer away from each other’s orbits. But apparently, this natural end sometimes needs a push and while I would like to keep thinking about this and wondering why this is so, the truth is, I’m tired.

There’s really no need to defend a connection that may not be there, especially on a Friday night when the music is sweet and the dreams promise to be even sweeter.


It’s morning and I’m lying in bed, in someone else’s home yet sleeping as if I were home for the first time in a long time.  It’s a rare feeling, something I long for on nights like these.

I will rest in spite of all that’s ambiguous.

Secrets, 2013.


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