The Inevitable End.


…hear Greene say that it was a form of “moral cowardice” to sustain a connection just because you couldn’t find the right way to end it. (Pico Iyer, Man Within My Head)

Taking Iyer out of context a bit and allowing this line to settle–much like the effect a shot of tequila would have on my weak constitution.

It’s easy to make connections on the road. The same author and his friend Paul (Theroux) separately mention the singular truth that the road is intoxicating and this sense of impermanence while we are on it makes us act brazenly, unlike our usual, fickle selves.

These guys have told me a lot about connections. They just haven’t explained what to do when connections have exceeded their welcome and must be deliberately missed.

We commit so many acts of foolishness and cowardice that hurt people–whether those we love or those we have just attempted to love–and it’s ridiculous. How could we be so stupid? So cowardly?


Two people stand by the roadside in Kowloon. Both look in separate directions amidst these bright lights. Who knows what each is thinking or where one is going. At some point the roads always converge–we are here, at this juncture. Meeting is inevitable.

The question is, how long do you stand here and endure all of this?

Hong Kong, 2012.


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