January Doldrums.

Temporary bookshelf.Apparently, there’s a term for this feeling and it’s called January doldrums. The holidays have just passed, resolutions have been broken just as quickly as they’ve been made and all I’m really doing is waiting for summer so I can rewrite resolutions again on my birthday.

Sounds silly, I know. I’ve been in airplanes almost every month since November. The past year proved, if anything, that once the travel bug has bitten you, the itch never really goes away. I come home dreaming not only of the place I’ve just seen but of the next place I ought to see.

That said, I tried to distract myself so I rearranged books tonight on a temporary bookshelf. Here’s the collection I’ve amassed in the last quarter of 2012 and some more from this past month. These are remnants of places I’ve seen, people I’ve been and what truly stands out is Bruce Chatwin almost accusingly entitling his book–What Am I Doing Here–as if to further amplify my feeling of being here when I should be there, elsewhere.

One thing I really have to learn is how to savor stillness more. To enjoy it and not feel like I’m in a rut. To experience the routine and not yearn to be elsewhere when I am here. If you’ve felt this way and know how to get over it, send me a line please. I’m willing to try new things.

In the meantime, I’ve missed eight stories. Time to make up for them.


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