Stillness On The Road

Short walk home to a place I’m about to leave in pursuit of another adventure.

Time never seems to slow down on the road. Lifetimes pass in hours–one moment there is Buddha smiling at me from an incense-filled temple and the next moment there’s a sea of motorcycles passing by. I’ve managed to cross streets and disappear completely. The language, the people and their chaos have embraced me and it feels magnificent to be anonymous, to know lovers by the way their eyes move and not by what is said and heard in passing.

But by far, this is the image I cherish most as a traveler. The man sets his life aside, poring over a book by the lake. He has removed his walking shoes, stilled himself, settled in—and still, the journey continues.

Hanoi, 1o November  2012



3 thoughts on “Stillness On The Road

  1. Hey! Chanced upon your blog while searching for blogs on Buscalan, since my friends and I are going there tomorrow. Anyhow, I love your thoughts and your writings! Keep on sharing them to the world. Have fun in India and more adventures for you. 😉

    • Great! So nice to hear from you! I hope you’re ready for tomorrow. The trip is a lovely one to make and I can only hope that the mountains do for you what it did for me. Are you getting a tattoo? If you are I will be thinking of you. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words also. Please come by again and tell me what happens after your trip.

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