Personal Histories & Happy Orbits.

Once upon a time he portrayed Pigafetta in an oft forgotten film by Kidlat Tahimik.

These days he no longer dons the costume–not that he needs to. Thirty-five plus years of holding the camera and mastering his own techniques has made him conqueror of light.

Most days he’s famous. He parties more than any of us kids ever do (collectively, speaking).

But everyday, he’s dad–funny, full of stories and always geared up for a foodie adventure.

Couldn’t have asked for a better one, really.

Happy birthday, Pigafetta Tysmans!

(Photo credits go to Kidlat de Guia and his wonderful stitching skills!)


One thought on “Personal Histories & Happy Orbits.

  1. Happy birthday to your dad Nash. I remember when we had our 2nd grand reunion at the UST Library July of 2010 and I saw the book on Lumina Pandit. My friend who is the chief librarian said that the photos were done by your dad. I told her we’re friends and she said “wow”.

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