Scary nights & strange voids.

The stats have gone bonkers again and I feel quite vulnerable. Who are you people reading this? I’m still trying to get used to talking machines but to be honest, this is quite scary. Drop a line will you? It just occurred to me that I post about such lousy, personal things and whenever the stats go wild I worry that too many people are creeping under my skin.

Hohum, I should also try writing in the morning. My brain seems less tired and less prone to its versus it’s mistakes.

Suddenly very serious about selling all my books too. Please buy them. I want them to have homes. Turning 24 in a few weeks and I’m not excited.

On the contrary, I think I’m a bit lonely. The more I get called selfish and arrogant, the more I feel like it’s true.


7 thoughts on “Scary nights & strange voids.

  1. You write so well that’s why ,so don’t be surprised about the nice jiggle in your stats. I am envious of that book by Mary Oliver. I’ve been looking for one for so long to no avail.
    Happy Birthday in advance Nash. I met you on your birthday remember? It’s at Cafe Bola at Araneta Center, the very first time I attended a book group discussion of FFP.

    • Oh Arlene! April is coming up again and it’s been so long since we saw each other in person. Can we please make time? 🙂 I’m so happy that books bring me closer to people like you. Reading is said to be solitary but one of its truest pleasures is in its capacity to bridge people like you and me.

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