Mountain Fever.

On the same trip last year but this time on the second leg of the trip…here’s a taste of Halsema Highway and the stop we made to stretch and ‘isbo’ (Ilocano for pee). Though I’ve only been to Sagada a handful of times and cannot claim ownership of any real knowledge about the place, I have to say that for me, the thrill begins en route. On clear days like this one, the clouds coast at a distance that’s just a few meters above your head (or so you think as you drive on). The mountains look spectacular and their peaks are almost at eye level (again, seemingly!). I would go just for the drive…

Now, as I review these photos taken from last year, I’m beside myself again in excitement anticipating the next few weeks and the tons and tons more of photos and memories to make…hopefully the path leads up to these peaks again.


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