The Great Ifugao Banana

Eating bananas is more fun in the Philippines. The taste is unique and not bland like those sold in Western markets. Something else ought to be noted about variety and size. There are small, finger-like bananas and huge ones (like the one above) scattered throughout the country.

But last year, on the last leg of a northern adventure, I found myself in Banaue, Ifugao sampling a variety I could not eat alone. Just look at the size of that monster! I would caution anyone against having too much of this lest your poop turns hard as stone on you.

Perhaps I’m over-sharing. It’s just that I’ve been sick for a while now and mom’s been playing doctor by prescribing bananas left and right…and well, I was hallucinating for a bit because of the meds thinking about a super-banana that could save the day and voila! The Ifugao banana might have done the trick.

And maybe even the great outdoors? I can’t wait to be on the road again.


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