Om Sunset om!

Om shanti om. This Shanti Mantra is borrowed from Hinduism. They are normally chanted at the beginning of rituals and prayers as a way to remove obstacles. Listening to them being sung and finding my own rhythm with which to recite the mantras is still yet to be crossed out of my must do list. In the meantime there are opportunities like this one when the sun forms a perfect O and you hear the vastness of the universe chant peace to you and you alone. It sounds selfish but it isn’t meant to be. It’s just that sense that sometimes I’m in touch with something greater than me. I’m sure everyone else in the car during this trip heard it but like most meaningful moments, we shared this one in silence.

And this sunset was yet another omen. Yet another sign that good things were about to transpire. How often is the sun perfectly placed upon a copper sky? And how often does the universe chant peace just so you’d listen?

Lesson number one (which I learned in retrospect while looking through these photos) would have to be: Pay Attention. Listen and Stop Talking. I have trouble with this one because I like filling voids with noise. I like when laughter echoes but if you’ve ever heard the abyss you’ll surely hear all of life in one beautiful sound. There ought to be words for that one other than “beautiful sound” but just as that thought came I decided I like the hymn of nature better than the words man uses to describe it. Nature has a fullness to it that our words can often lack.

In any case, I’m rambling. Here’s an Om Sunset Om! The first of many OMens. For some reason the sky was so attuned to the workings within. I got consistently good sky in my camera. But that’s another story.


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