Looking at Lindsay.

This is Lindsay. She’s 19 years old, shy but wonderfully certain that photography is her passion. I just met her three days ago. She’s traveling with my tito and taking in the experience of being here through a series of beautifully rendered photos. Today, we went off on another adventure. This time we went walking around the port area taking photos of people, places and things. Manila is always worth the photograph and in the car yesterday she mentioned something about the light here being so much better than the light at home. She’s based in Melbourne with my tito.

The funny thing is that I’ve always looked at people taking photos elsewhere and thought, “Gee, these pictures are incredible. Why isn’t the light back home like this?” Yet, in the car last night and while reviewing the days images, it seems like light everywhere has the same potential to be wonderful.

But in some ways, she’s right. Light in Manila really does look spectacular. There were also different sorts of conditions today–the humidity, the sunlight and this downpour of rain gave each of our shots some real depth.

It’s really the company that’s worth keeping though. We walked up a storm and took all sorts of shots but today, this is my money shot. It’s the one that made the hairs at the back of my head tingle. She’s so beautiful and this light makes her look so radiant–incredibly enough, in real life, she’s exactly like this…but she doesn’t know it yet.

(She’s also incredibly photogenic and she has bright blue eyes which you can’t see in this photo above but whoa, isn’t she stunning?)

p.s. Looking at all the photos from these past two days is making me want to revive the photo-blog I put up last year. You think it’s worth doing again?



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