Cultural Excursions and the Spoil-arium.

So, someone’s back from the world at large and he’s got a new project! The angel series has been completed and he’s now set the wings down and replaced them with a full astronauts space suit! The test shots look breathtaking and while I’ve only collected a mere twenty of his angels (that need framing, btw!), I’m already visualizing what the walls of my future home will have on them! It might be good to start collecting early. I just wish I make enough money to buy what I want. So far, none of them are too expensive and I make it a point to buy only what strikes me…but I’ve just noted that so many things strike me. Yikes!

In any case, I’m quite pooped. We were out all day today and we did all the cultural activities starting with Tito Mannix on the piano (as seen above with his reflection cast upon one of his angels). We headed out to Binondo, Quiapo, National Museum and then Manila Hotel for a book launch. So far so good.

Too exhausted so more stories in the next few days. In the meantime, let me introduce you all to my father, his friend Mannix and Luna’s Spolarium.

Now isn’t that a great tableau?!



7 thoughts on “Cultural Excursions and the Spoil-arium.

    • I promise, when I do escape, I’ll make a trip to SanFo just to make sure you get to take me on a wild adventure too! We can walk anywhere you want! Or we can schedule a trip to someplace together. 🙂 I really think we’d get along. :p

  1. wait, is the Spoliarium back in National Museum? last time i asked it was no longer there. by the way, your pa and his friend are awesome.


    Spoliarium is my favorite painting of all time, so this post is special to me hihi.

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