44 sunsets for each of the 6 classes.

My mood ought to improve but in the meantime, this. I began reading it again after using it for class. Read chapter 20 out loud to my students and only now realized how deeply this book has affected me. Complete book notes and literary shiznit will appear here shortly but first I have to survive this week…and stop crying.

Last exam day today. Returning papers tomorrow, collecting projects. Last actual day of teaching World History was last week…tomorrow marks the last visit to the third year classrooms. On Monday it will be as if nothing happened these past three months. Hoping to fly out early but we shall see.

In the meantime, this. Apparently my deadline isn’t on Saturday as expected but tomorrow. Too tired to work but it means so much…I can already feel the void my students will leave in me. Walking feels heavier than usual. We carry the weight of so many worlds in us sometimes.

And really, this is why mom says I shouldn’t have pets. The world feels that much emptier when they’re gone. Oh well. Moo.

I don’t agree completely with this image from The Little Prince. In fact, when I’m sad, I abhor sunsets. Something about them heightens my loneliness and gives it an actual depth. I’m not good at goodbyes or endings and most of all, I’m tired of all these sunsets.


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