Teacher-ly gushing.

It’s really hard emotionally, physically and financially. I’m sure you’ve heard from the millions out there that the pay’s crappy and the system’s hard to put up with…but I love it anyway. And love’s hard to quantify. There are days when I want to quit because when you teach you’re always going against some kind of system and the world’s full of inane, difficult ones but if you look closely, it’s also a realm of incredible possibilities. Every student I’ve met is made of great stuff and to see this everyday makes me wonder why any of us would ever consider quitting. “So many students, so little time to get to know them all and watch them grow!” is what I think on the way home everyday.  They grow so fast! One moment they’re young, gullible little guppies then all of a sudden they respond to situations as if they were adults and it’s always bittersweet when this happens. I ache at the thought that they can’t be kids forever but I’m always, always proud of them–because everyday they become better versions of themselves.

I haven’t done this for very long but I’m excited over the prospect of doing this my entire life. Could it be that I’ve finally found my calling? Or maybe, and I think this is the more appropriate way to put it, this profession found me. And all of this would not be possible without those who’ve gone before me. My own educators are to blame! But seriously, the gratitude goes to them. They always said they saw something in me and even if I did horribly in their subjects, they believed anyway. So yeah, on World Teachers’ Day, we remember all the educators who have ever made a real difference in our lives.


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