Illuminated spaces.

I enjoyed this weekend a lot. Saturday was spent transcribing interviews for a regional grant and while I felt slighted to have been awake at six-thirty in the morning, the company was worth it. To be in a room with such a distinguished panel (the likes of Ben Lumbera and Resil Mojares) made me wish I too was being interviewed. The generosity of giants with their time and advice can be quite humbling. When I write my own research during the week, I’ll have their notes pinned to the screen.

After work, I was supposed to meet Petra and Sasha for coffee but my friend asked if I’d like to accompany her to see the house she’s currently building. So off we went…to be honest the houses looked small from the outside and in the car I rehearsed several lines in the event that the house would turn out to be ugly (which is in no way a fault to be attributed to my friend–sometimes places are just ugly on their own).  As it turns out, the surprise would be meant for me!  This breathtaking blanket of light came upon these beautifully constructed stairs. She explained that below the steps would be a pond. Ingenious!

We spent a good two hours in that space. In the car after the visit she remembered to take pictures so we were there for another thirty minutes. The light had not vanished. It was still wonderful as ever.

Over lattes, after having seen her house, I confessed that I really wanted to move out if only to house my books and have adequate space to read. Most of all, I envied her for her light. One day, one day.



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