September Surprise!

So this week was grand. I’m feeling quite low in relation to the fact that my contract’s ending…I also dislike that my college class is now over. My sophomores are bright kids whom I really enjoyed seeing these past ten months. I hope they stay on and keep at it. They’re so full of promise and I’m generally happy with their grades. So yay!

But this week was grand because out of nowhere, I received a slightly irate visitor. He had been calling and I’d been ignoring him for good reason. I don’t answer calls from strange numbers. But yeah, okay, so he called a million times (just 9 times, actually) and when he couldn’t reach me he decided to make one last ditch effort to check me out at the department. Apparently, the plan was to walk into my class and just ask to sit in…glad that didn’t pan out. It would’ve been a disaster! Instead, I surprised him by walking into him and my boss. Hahaha! Blah blah, I live-tweeted the encounter but for the most part, what I forgot to say was “gee, thanks for making my month! Please come by again next time. I’ll be waiting.”

Oh, and look at him assert his rights to my desk?! Ahem…in the future we ought to have our own desks but as there is not present between us right now (//slashslash), let’s see where this goes, okay? No fear.



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