Silly Up!dates.

We were really meant to fly in real life but every now and then a field comes along and reminds us that our default status ought to always be: grounded. So far so good. Haven’t blogged in ages because I have so many things to say that I can’t share until the end of my term but suffice it to say that this has been a very very good year. Now, some updates:

  1. I’ve put up a new blog! This time on reading and books. It felt weird at first because I already talk a lot about reading here but I realize that I just need some space to write about books on their own minus the personal word vomit. Life has a way of taking over some of the pages and overshadowing what I read so to avoid that, I’m trying to delineate and speak of both lives I live: one as reader and the other as writer, I suppose. Blog’s called: and i’m quite the dabbler, as you know.
  2. Have an insane deadline! October 15 for everything! Can I do it? We shall see. But I’m hoping to be done with my MA soon. Come on, get it over with. A second degree in history awaits! Or maybe a PhD? Who knows? Things look promising.
  3. I’m broke. Too many books…erm, yeah. No update here. Just default status. Yikes. Will die poor. Just please burn me or toss me into the Aegean.
  4. Ending my term as part-time history teacher in two weeks. Am I ready to say goodbye to this? No, clearly. It feels like a break-up. Why is September always harsh?
  5. Going to Zamboanga, apparently. Let’s see how that pans out, yes?
  6. Wants to live in Katipunan. Alone in a unit full of books with a piece of sky that’s a stone’s throw away from my favorite fields and wonderful bookstores.
  7. Also, I kind of know who I want to end up with but I also did something daring for the first time ever! No silliness or awkwardness. I went up to a guy and asked to read next to him. #hugedork But it was worth it!




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