Sunday mumbling.

Ate so much for dinner and am now suffering a massive headache…it must have been the coffee or the ab-workout that came as a result of all those jokes. I now know all the Ilocano words for a man’s impotence complete with green jokes implying that my parents and their friends don’t just sleep in their rooms. (Scarred for life, really.) But it was a great way to cap off my day.

I slept in today despite the alarm that went off five times at six in the morning. My body understands me more than my brain would like me to believe. I really must be tired and in need of sleep. Woke up at half past noon with a growling tummy and an intense need to work. Juggling all these responsibilities isn’t a joke but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun. 🙂 Teaching high schoolers is so much fun! It’s just a shame my parents don’t know. Maybe I’ll tell them after my term is over? That way I don’t get my head chewed off. In the meantime, can I just say? Teaching is so much fun (and emotionally educational). I think being in my alma mater helps me sort things out and pushes me to write. For some reason, the grass seems greener (literally!) on this side, too!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that weekends are sacred. So, I checked papers for breakfast (technically lunch because it was past noon) then thought, “what am I doing?” I took a shower, picked up the Henrietta Lacks book then put on my jeans (because I can’t wear them on weekdays!). Went to SM North with the parents to see the QC exhibit curated by Paulo Alcazaren. Admitted having fallen in love with Juan Arellano‘s work. I mean just look at the Metropolitan Theater and the Post Office in Manila.

I have a few stories about those buildings but they’re for another time. For now let me just round up all I wanted to say about today:

  1. Went to Booksale in SM North. A bit disappointing because they have such a tiny paperback selection. Managed to spend 45 pesos anyway on three new books. Exit A by Anthony Swofford (guy who wrote Jarhead), What Isn’t There by Jocelyn Lieu and a beautiful 5 peso illustrated book called The Fog Mound: Faradawn by Susan Shade and Jon Buller. 5 pesos! *clap* *clap* Still a bit pissy though. Wish there was more.
  2. Reading Henrietta Lacks story for the first time and wondering at the injustice of it all. Imagine having your cells stored and used for all sorts of life-changing experiments only to find that her family can’t even afford medical care? And then there’s the idea of America in the 50’s when colored people were segregated…It’s hard to believe that that world was around when my parents were born. The story’s pretty moving though and the writing is so compelling.
  3. Talk about my parent’s friends visiting Spain and the idea of learning Spanish past ¡Hola! …yup, bitten again by the travel bug but at least this time I know why I have to work extra hard. I really want to finally get my butt to Europe but that needs money and I don’t have enough. #worklikeadog
  4. Listened to my parents and their friends talking about their youth and how they all ended up together with their spouses. They’re right to some extent. Courtship isn’t the same these days and men don’t have to prove themselves to women the way they used to but it still doesn’t change the fact that I believe in romance and enduring love. The world is still pretty rosy through my lenses. Just sayin’.

That’s all. It’s Sunday already. End of the Weekend, promise of another fun-filled week and lots and lots and lots of writing. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday mumbling.

  1. Ugh. I get so sad passing the Met. It looks so forlorn these days, so forgotten. Actually, going around Manila makes me all bitter–kasalanan lahat ng SM Manila, pramis. I mean, it’s an area dedicated to government and academic and cultural institutions, pero, dammit, whose bright idea was it to awkwardly plonk that monstrosity in there? GAH. Okay, sore point, haha.

    I’m glad you’re liking the Henrietta Lacks book. Ganda niya, no? Ang sakit sa puso nung injustice, ang galing nung paghahalo ni Skloot ng personal anecdote and history and science. Brrr.

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