Touristy Things: The Adventures of Kenny, Bobby & Sonja.

Who was it that said, you need not go very far to have traveled well?  Whoever that was  gets a high-five and some photos! A week ago, I took two friends to see some of my favorite parts of the city. We took the trains from Cubao to Recto then Doroteo Jose to U.N. Avenue…there was lots of walking, squeezing and snickering throughout the trip! There was even a really, really interesting amount of cultural exchange going on as they’re both German and I had the supreme disadvantage of being the tiny Filipina (i.e. they were too tall and could not be accessed while walking.)

This is Kenny (not his real name) with Sonja (not my real name either) at four in the afternoon. They were in this part of the walled city of Intramuros that was no longer open to the public but as it was Bobby’s (not his real name either) first time in the country, some haggling with the gatekeeper needed to be done for these guys to see an area that isn’t commonly seen by others. There’s also a breathtaking view of the Manila Hotel. It would be really cool to see this at night but the chances of this place being open then are nil.

Here are Sonja and Bobby sitting on a piece of the wall, smiling because it’s so hot and Kenny wants to take a photo. It’s a really nice day to go out on an adventure but what makes this trip all the more meaningful is really the company. Someday, these three (Kenny, Bobby and Sonja) will take to the streets again. Perhaps in another country? Germany maybe–where castles and towns await? But for now they must be off to pursue some dreams and find themselves.

This adventure was so exhilarating. There were museum visits and so many streets walked on that day plus a yummy European lunch (which I still feel awful about because it could have been Filipino but we were just so hungry) complete with running commentary on meals, life and teaching (because Kenny and Bobby both teach).

This day was amazing. The kind you remember with so much fondness that causes you to forget that you just met Bobby yesterday and although you know Kenny, they could both well be strangers you just happened to meet along the way. But on that note, aren’t all our friends just people who used to be strangers we met along the way? 🙂


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