Palawan: third time’s a charm.

We escaped to Palawan for a weekend and these are some things I loved. The hammock above hangs across the sea facing more islands. The shore next to it is rocky enough for huge crabs to live. I found the light good enough to read under and on this same day, I fell into a deep sleep…wind, sky and water in my dreams.

And these magnificent trees that held the hammock together…oh to swing by their side and think about nothing and everything all at once.

My love affair with Palawan continues after having visited it thrice on separate occasions. Something about the islands lured me in the same way mythical Siquijor did. There were no creatures of yore but the name Palawan conjures stories of a faraway land. It’s our own version of the Amazon or so I’d like to believe. Regardless, I owe this place a lot. The first time I visited it, I was about to enter into a relationship and it was an excuse to rethink and evaluate our position on togetherness (lame as that might sound). The second time I went, it was for healing and facing all of life’s hurt. The island felt familiar despite the negative space offered by heartbreak, death in the family and having to visit alone (despite being with a lot of people…I would have really opted to be with Gabbie–who is probably going to read this and be one of the reasons why any writing is done in the first place). At that moment, visiting the island of Culion proved necessary as a point of redemption in the grieving process. It seems most of the last few years have been spent under the tutelage of grief. This time though, I visited at peace with family and friends. It’s probably a reminder of life cycles and how we must always appreciate where we are at any given moment. I’m being sappy and funny tonight but I genuinely believe that this island has endeared me to it and convinced me to hope in beautiful things that may be finite but are infinite in their capacity to keep me hoping. That’s why this photo is relevant. The skies in this island go from sunny to stormy within minutes and in this chaos you are both in the storm and out of it. It’s sunny on your end and cloudy on another…and this too shall pass.

Being in dresses all day. Enough said.

Beautiful, beautiful Culion. When do we meet again?

The peace of wild things (if I can be so bold as to borrow Berry’s lines). Here’s the penultimate reason to travel…it’s the opportunity you give yourself to be lost and consequently found.


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