Bananarama & being home.

In the end, there were three: 1. The Granta set of Love Stories 2. Pico Iyer‘s Sun After Dark and 3. Martin AmisHouse of Meetings.

Stayed up all night packing prior to this trip. Not that there was much to pack but normally it’s the travelers anxiety that kicks in. I always feel like I’m forgetting something so I stay up and make notes about random things I remember–among them bananas, would you believe? Random question from my niece after being told that eating bananas could make your poo hard: Tita, what about monkeys? Do they poo hard too? —Hahaha! I almost fell off my bed. It isn’t really that funny (though it would explain the many creases on a monkey’s face) but doesn’t it come across as amusing to have a kid piece things together in this way? So yeah, bananas!

The sweetest of these I remember sharing with my grandparents. We would go to market every other day depending on the status of Lola’s adobo (which is yet another story) and we’d go home with a bunch of golden bananas. My mom and my lola insist that the sweetest are those with the most number of golden specks. I wonder if people can guess which one is the best in this photo?

Fruits aside, I also stayed up late because I had to choose the entertainment to go along with the books and voila! I ended up watching Tangled then Love and Other Drugs. Whoops. I really liked them both though not equally. Seeing those films just reaffirmed certain things like a. i really am a 10 year old trapped in this body of mine as I loved the horse and the chameleon more than any of the actual characters, b. Chuck is the cutest! Haha, okay maybe not but boy, Zachary Levi can really sing my knees wobbly! And Mandy Moore is really reliable, c. We are creatures of habit…just saw Tangled again tonight. Putting my niece to bed was the excuse but really, I’d have seen it anyway.

As for the other movie, the appeal was in its honesty (which always loses when coupled with magical possibilities endorsed by Disney) and it didn’t hurt to have such a good-looking cast either. Suffice it to say that had I not been sleepless and tired, I’d have talked about it earlier and revealed initial thoughts that are lost on me now. The chemistry between the lead actors was incredible, though and weren’t the 90’s the best years ever?

Ahh, but it’s time for bed and tomorrow there’ll be old National Geographic favorites, possibly some Batman or Superman depending on my mood and a story or two from that Granta selection.

p.s. thanks for the sound book selecting advice. i went with what i felt would work and i’m happy so far.


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