Morning glory.

As of late, all good things have been happening in the morning…

good dreams mostly and there are always dragons these days.

*Notes on the photo: It was taken at daybreak by a friend who was supposed to escort me into the land of the living but he claims he was too shy to nudge me so, I slept it off and missed the sunrise. There’s a lot to say about missing these things. The moment the sun pierces the horizon is just as fleeting as when it sets but something about dawn makes it easy to think of beginnings and opportunities. Missing daybreak is definitely an allusion to chances lost and I’m tempted to say a little about that but sometimes, days just have to start whether we catch the sun or not. And if there’s anything I picked up from this last trip, it’s that life isn’t nearly as linear as we’d expect.

And the sun isn’t always going to bear the brunt of history. Not in the case of relationships, at least.


2 thoughts on “Morning glory.

  1. Olga0870 says:

    great photo…i’ve always loved watching sunrises and the promise of new opportunities. hope you’ve been able to witness one recently.

  2. just dropping by says:

    great shot…i love watching sunrises and the hope of new opportunities that it brings…hope you’ve caught the sun rise recently

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