Another literary dilemma.

When coupled with packing, deciding which book to bring along on a trip is a pain. Unlike other friends who are all about planning and can stick to schedules, I find that reading moods change daily and often so do themes…at least during those times when nothing’s really happening. Anyway, I’d rather decide on clothes or suitcases or something else that’s just as trivial.

But books? Holy moly, can’t decide. Some help would be appreciated…

Here’s a rough list:

  1. Martin Amis’ House of Meetings
  2. Pico Iyer‘s Sun After Dark
  3. Granta Magazines’ Love Stories (Carver, Pamuk, Malouf, Hemon and Sebald)
  4. Aidan Chambers’ Postcards from No Man’s Land
  5. Saint-Exupery’s Southern Mail/Night Flight
  6. A.B. Yehoshua’s The Lover
  7. Daniel Kalder’s Lost Cosmonaut
  8. W.G. Sebald’s Emigrants
  9. Dessaix’s Travels with Turgenev

Blah blah blah, I really feel strongly for these books. As usual, there’s a longing for adventure and foreign-ness that’s mixed with a desire for romance and familiarity. Ugh. I really sound like a girl. How silly.

I’d throw in Ende’s Neverending Story too but I’m cautious about taking borrowed books away on a trip…my friend’s copy looks so fragile I can’t even begin to read because my hands get sweaty. 

So, what now brown cow? I can only bring three (because I’m sure to buy more in Booksale anyway.) Ugh. Bad habits…


3 thoughts on “Another literary dilemma.

  1. I would suggest bringing the three books which you are sure you would understand/appreciate the most during the span of the trip 🙂 Normally, I’d bring a book that I was pretty sure would let me generate ideas the most. Or just imagine a hypothetical situation where if all of them had to burn, which ones would you try to salvage first?

  2. I feel your pain (haha) on what books to bring. Haven’t read any of the books in your list so I could not even recommend one. How about picking them at random while your eyes are closed. Silly suggestion! How are you Nash?


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