or how Jonathan Harris and Julian Bialowas just saved my life…

I wanted to find a way to be more in the moment, to be more in every day; to understand time more and to understand my life more, to have more memories — all of these things. Basically, to live more richly, as a human life, not just as a work life.

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Tell me what you feel after watching this because I just stumbled upon it and found myself weeping. He’s right, you know? At certain points we just find that we’re doing things we don’t particularly want to be doing or going through patches we aren’t ready for…and the rate at which everything changes is just so fast we can hardly keep up.

As for Mr. Bialowas’ poster up there…well, I’ve emailed him already requesting for permission to use his work but largely, I’m beginning to think that I did that because i needed to feel connected to someone who had shared my feelings about the world at large. Julian, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry it took so long to get this post up. I have more of your work lined up and I will share them here along with the tidbits of random memories that they evoke. I hope that’s okay?

❤ Dear Carina, I think I just found my happy project for your bloggeroo!


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