My niece has just recently learned to use the word ‘realize’ and in most of our conversations nowadays, she always tries to tell me how much she’s realized about all sorts of things. It’s a curious move on her end because I don’t know how long she intends on keeping up with the word but the task, I must say, is good for anyone. We always have to keep realizing things otherwise we’d be bored out of our behinds, right?

So, this is what I’ve noted so far: I have enough grammatical errors on this blog to send me back to grade school! I blame carelessness and excitement, really. Sometimes you just have to say something regardless of how silly it sounds. Natalie Goldman had a perfect example in her book, Writing Down the Bones–something about cutting throats with daisies or something like that. The point was that the editor and the writer can’t always be the same person. i respect that but seriously, have you seen the your vs. you’re fights on this blog?! Or the funny tenses? I’m tempted to print all the entries out and prepare a red pen to murder the errors but I’m afraid it might kill the desire to write.

I am a bit sad though. So boo.


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