Weekends like goldmines.

But I went dancing on a Thursday? Does that still count? So far 2011 has been kind what with all its long weekends of dancing and meeting friends. Strangely, even weekdays haven’t lost their charm.

Having only a week and a half left to do the rest of grad work is really quite challenging. I’m so determined to get my coursework done and it’s pretty ironic how that plays out since it’s a long chain of suffering from where I’m currently at. We endure these last few days in order to subject ourselves to an intense summer review for exams in May. If I pass those I’m qualified to suffer some more and thesis-write. Sure, it’s a matter of perspective but really, staring at a blank page for a while can be quite daunting. The ghosts of the books on my shelves have also begun to leave me terribly paralyzed. It seems likely that I’ll give most of them up eventually. The reality is that having too much can be quite a pain in the [head].

Also, what’s the use if you can’t read them all? Or if you don’t love them as much as you thought you would? But we shall see.

Summer is coming up and so is my birthday. Trying to be excited but all this work seems to be a wee bit more exciting right now. I just got offered another set of units plus another job which means great pay by June! Also, have you been watching the news? Now’s the best time to be an International Relations student, don’t you think? France just led the move toward a ‘no-fly zone’ in Libya and hearing this really made my heart skip a beat! It was such a euphoric moment to have them properly use their votes in the UN especially amidst a decade’s worth of criticism regarding the institution’s lack of teeth in any matter it has to deal with. Truth be told, I used to criticize the UN after wanting to join it only to realize how limited their powers really are. But of course, what the IR texts will tell you makes this issue unfold in a very different light. At the end of the day, it’s about states working in their capacity as key actors to bring about change and hopefully also fix wrong decisions that very much taint the events of this past decade.

For once I feel like the actors who can be responsible are making a stand and while politically, I await Gadafi’s claim that the West is being imperialist yet again through it’s French led air strikes I’m really really relieved to find that our world leaders can still be great men and women.

That aside, keep praying for Japan. The destruction plus the added aftershocks measuring 5.9 in the area surrounding the nuclear plant is quite disturbing. The death toll has also risen to 7,340 (according to CNN) with 11,00 people still missing. It’s difficult to not read these figures as mere statistics because the sheer size leaves little room for humanity to emerge. Yet, despite this, there are many stories that help influence the way we perceive of the goings on over there. Keep their stories in mind and try not to forget so as to keep the memory of the nameless alive.

p.s. also a bit sad for friends who have currently been imprisoned. This is no avenue to discuss cases and justice but suffice it to say that even prisoners deserve to be treated like human beings. It’s easy to lose one’s dignity in prison and to have corruption seep into even these tiny spaces where we expect there to be none makes for a really profound understanding of the kind of cancers our society falls prey to today. I’m desperate to write about this but maybe it should wait for a better time. In the meantime, please keep my friends in your prayers. They may or may not be the best people but they are people who deserve some compassion and a basic level of respect for their humanity.


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