Reasons to stay home for the weekend.

What could be more compelling than an empty house stuffed with books? This is the first quiet weekend of the year. There were parties and surprise trips that would easily make me happy but the sheer amount of work made me opt for a massage and half a weekend spent reading.

The library houses enough books to make me wish I could work in school forever (or at least find another city with an even bigger collection).

And here’s the loot from today’s book buying bonanza which made me wish I could be a giraffe:

Hmm. So excuse me a bit while I go read the leftovers.






5 thoughts on “Reasons to stay home for the weekend.

  1. Gabbie says:

    Gahhh all those lovely Booksale price tags are making me jealous!! Last Friday nasa Powerbooks sale kami ni Mau and I bought the “sequel” to Dandelion Wine, tapos Sabado may nabili akong hardcover creepy Stephen Kings for less than the softcover price. Ahhh I love books

  2. You were at a sale and didn’t tell me? Why? Why?! Ugh. Why??? You were with Mau! Siya na ba yung replacement ko?! /dramarama Uy, tell me about those when we see each other on Wednesday, okay?

  3. *jaws drop* What a fantastic way to spend the weekend, we had a long holiday here because of the Lunar New Year but I spent it sick and doing spring cleaning. I bet your book collection is monstrous! I just wonder do you have any tips for a space starved person like me? I have resorted to placing books that can’t be accommodated by my shelves on the floor, and my family members don’t allow me to use their bare shelf space, and I can’t bear to part with my books either 😦

  4. Hi Elle! Don’t worry, space-wise I’m not as gifted either which is why I try really hard to stay away from bookstores of any kind…but obviously, try is the operative word. Why don’t they let you use their bare shelves? Are they planning to fill them up eventually? I haven’t had much of a problem yet because I use deep shelves that allow for two rows of books plus I piled the tiny ones above the shelves. 🙂 Don’t fret! You’ll find a way. We always do (for the things we love, anyway).

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