Because it is a Monday.

This spectacular Monday was spent in bed until noon. It should have ended there but I went on to Cubao where, in the guise of procuring an SSS number for myself, I hurried to the Booksales and got me some treasure!

My Marigold Monday vision is to have more walkable cities in the country. Today the weather was humid as usual but pleasant every now and then because of slight winds that would surprise my fellow commuters in skirts. But the one that stole my sole attention was this boy of about five who held on to his mother’s hand but played a game of don’t-step-on-the-lines whenever he had to walk through a tiled part of the sidewalk. He smiled quietly as he did it with his mother oblivious to the joy skipping gave him. I couldn’t help but smile myself and when he walked past me, we shared a knowing look and went about our business full skip ahead!

We need more sidewalks in this city and more reasons for people to look each other in the eye when walking. We also need to be less afraid of our streets. It seems we’re preprogrammed to live in fear–at least us grown-ups going about our day as if the world might end this minute. The quiet courage of that boy completely illuminated today, though. He has in him a world of possibilities and as he follows his mother around, I’m sure he sees all the fantastic things we miss.

That’s one for the Marigolds.


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