Some Perspective.

Hardly any work was accomplished this week. It’s a mood thing which ought to be purged out of one’s system especially if one has goals and places to go (oh no!) My advisers in the spiritual dimension will often say that we ought to allow ourselves these moments to be swung (literally!) from one mood to another. It will help make us better at living and truly understanding the whims and fancies of our mysterious selves. Honestly though, it’s a pain in the ass where deadlines are concerned and so, as the spirit lurked through the Tumblr dashboard, voila! This ad appeared and put things in perspective.

I really have to sit down and get my shit together. I have two months to write all the papers I need to finish my degree. There are only a few papers I’m excited to write and this ad really speaks to one of those imaginary papers.

Hmm, the white cat? There’s hardly a gendered reading that I can make using this image but certainly there’s an idea here about development that can be pushed to the surface. I remember reading this article last sem about development narratives or the scripts that are performed by both developing and developed countries vis-a-vis each other. Race and the postcolonial were among the themes that colored the discussion and strangely, regardless of how seemingly trite these frameworks are, there are still many traces of truth to be derived from them. So powerful indeed are they that even as entries flowed through my screen I could immediately look into this ad and see some reason to be disturbed.

Interestingly enough, the image comes from the collection of the New York Public Library. If you click on the image it will redirect you to the NYPL’s Tumblr. Anyway, doesn’t the whiteness of the cat merit some sort of critique? It’s the first thing you notice. Why is the fat, healthy one also white? Then, you read the text: The White Cat. Bad Old Man. Put you Right. There’s something about the language that’s also worth looking into. Why is it that, in addition to the cat being white, it is also the one with solutions? And a voice for that matter? Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

I really have to work this week. Nope, scrap that. I really will work this week!



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