Whoops. I didn’t mean to buy them.

But they were cheap. And lonely. And someone just had to take them home…

So I did. Lev Grossman belongs to my brother. I had him with me already for the past few days but something about the story so far seems less appropriate for the new year. Banville, who is turned upside-down in this one, I’ve told you about. He might join me for a trip tomorrow if the next few pages are interesting.

Everyone else I’ve been meaning to take with me since forever but I guess there’s always been some hesitation because of their regular bookstore prices.

It’s 13 degrees celsius in this room and my fingers feel like they could fall off from typing this. Tomorrow we go to Laoag and see what the road has in store for four weary women who finally get to explore a place. I hope the weather is the same over there. These cold climes are my favorite because they only stay until the sun comes up.

And boy, does the sun come up…


One thought on “Whoops. I didn’t mean to buy them.


    That’s a really nice photo. Is that the view from your house in Baguio? And oh dear have fun and lots of empanada in Laoag! There’s a beautiful lighthouse there that Ven took us before.

    Miss na kita. Mwah.

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