A love letter of sorts.

Dear WordPress,

Thank you for snowing again. I didn’t realize how quickly the months went by. Today marks the 1st of December and all this snowing is making me really giddy. The blue skies and bright sun made me think of what it’s like up north during this time of year. It makes me happy, obviously.

The coming of the WordPress snow signals the first Christmas after that catastrophe that was last year. I lost so much weight and cried everyday. The fake snow couldn’t make me laugh. If anything, watching it fall reminded me of the shape of tears and how they fall in an almost rhythmical pattern.

This year, we managed to remain friends and as he is as indispensable as he claims I am, I cannot mark the year without remembering what last year was like. They say we have to be wiser about what we do with our hearts. Enough gambling and flinging it at life whenever the opportunity presents itself. But I say, it’s got to be the opposite. I’m choosing to remember so that next time I know just how fiercely the heart must love.

After all, if there’s one thing the entire experience taught me, it’s that we all have an unlimited supply of love–one that we must waste on each other in order to see its depths.

So yeah, thank you for the snow, WordPress. It’s great to see it and smile.






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