Why Books and Friends Matter.

New sheets mean new dreams and though there hasn’t been much of a change to speak of in that department (as I am still dreaming about the same things), beginnings like this one always spark ideas. It’s timely too that this change of linens happens on the one day of the year when Petra, SashaCarina and I decide to finally quit flaking on each other and meet! It’s no surprise that the only force that can bring us together is a seven volume set of book magic turned into film! Can you guess what it is yet or have you been living under that rock?

It makes a difference who you watch the HP movies with because more often than not, these books that you cherish like old friends conjure a set of memories and seeing them play out in front of you can be quite a treat–despite the need for Kleenex every now and then. The movie deserves its own post which will probably come sometime in the future when the marathon reading of all the books )before the coming of the second installment of the end) commences. There’s just too much you’ve missed from when you last shelved them and again, like old friends, you must meet to catch up. Incidentally, the trailer of the 5th Narnia installment also prompted a surprise reading of the first chapter of C.S. Lewis’ Magician’s Nephew over the phone. A friend of mine wanted to know what the hype was and instead of explaining, I read. Because, truly, that is the only defense worthy of any piece of art by which I mean that art should speak for itself. Everyone is a critic and the least we can do for ourselves is discover our tastes for ourselves. It would be an injustice to rely solely on others but by all means, if this is what you enjoy, I hope you find the right voices to speak for you. If not, browse through the blogs of those friends I’ve mentioned. Their thoughts are worth the pondering especially if you feel a bit lost and would rather lose yourself in someone else’s thoughts.

That said, let’s talk about books because all of today revolved around books. We tried foolishly to keep our vices tucked away because we knew all along that we would have to pay real currency in exchange for them but lo and behold, we ended up in two bookstores today and while we didn’t really do much buying, there were many give-aways and rentals that found their way home. So yes, it was a good day. Briefly, the highlights are as follows:

1. Sasha’s concept of the “kabilang tao” otherwise known as her translation of “the Other.” Hmm, the company we keep…birds of the same feather are, unfortunately, the same birds. Haha!

2. Tales of Guam by Petra and the joys of living vicariously.

3. Carina’s encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter. If there were a course, she would have aced it but more importantly, I know I’m in good company when books affect a person so much that they take it as seriously as she has. Because really, reading in order to quote and sound smart is hardly the point and if you’ve heard Carina or any of my booky friends for that matter, you’d really wonder what you do with the rest of your wasted hours…and you’d ask yourself why you weren’t reading.

4. I read an essay in this collection called The Hopes of Snakes some time ago. Petra and I were leading separate lives at the time. She was graduating and I was a miserable grad student…but anyway, I read this essay and missed her immensely because the article narrated the story of two friends and in two pages, it just about summed up how I feel whenever I think of  Petra. So anyway, earlier on, Sasha pulled the book from Petra’s shelf and I grabbed it because I said there’s something here that must be read. Petra couldn’t remember which one I was talking about so I leafed through it anyway intending to force feed the pages to her and ask for instant affirmation. Yeah, we’re passive aggressive like that but anyway, whoa! On the page was a post-it with a heart and my name on it. //cry—for the nth time today.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow there’ll be talk of music, some drawings and a couple of things I jotted down while reading.



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