For Tito Rod.

When we were in high school, the parents formed a committee to look after all of us and make sure that we were able to make the best out of our ‘green’ years. Tito Rod belonged to this committee along with my mom and if it weren’t for him, she would have decided to quit. He was also the only father in that committee. Throughout his life he was a collector of things and doer of good deeds. He loved Booksale and frequented it to amass entire collections of books by all sorts of writers. He’s the only grown-up I know who read Bradbury and loved National Geographic with a passion.

Last Saturday he passed away very suddenly. It was the eve of my friend Gabbie’s birthday and there are no words for the sadness we all felt at the hour of his passing. He’s probably the only father of a friend I know who took such a great interest in all our pettiness–as high schoolers, college kids and even as graduates chasing our dreams.  He gave us his time whenever we chanced upon him and he was always smiling. He also baked the best (fluffiest and tastiest!) cakes and brownies.

Last Sunday, while taking a bite from his last bunch of cookies (those ones he baked for Gabbie’s birthday) I couldn’t help but tear up and feel the immense warmth of his presence once again. My girlfriends and I will surely miss him.



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