Giddiness & a song.

There was this intention to write about Ray Bradbury but somewhere between then and now, I just drew us parts in one of his stories and I’m quite giddy, thank you.

I found a recently published book of Ray’s interviews with Sam Weller and buying it was a no-brainer. So I read this chapter on fame and being a celebrity and of course, I cringe at the thought of Bradbury talking about fame because it seems so unlike him. But anyway, he totally floors me by saying that he loves his fans etc. By now I’m crying because he’s really my favorite and the honesty makes me want to love everything as much as he does. I look for Fahrenheit 415 because it was everything I wanted a book to be and I couldn’t find it so I read the comic book version instead which Anton had given me on my birthday. But which I read in the hospital a week before because he wanted me to be strong for the procedure, etc. etc.

The bottom line? I panic for a good part of an hour and cry at the thought of losing the original copy which in itself had history because Mela had given it to me complete with a note on the front page about idealism and all other things that make us wake up each day with a smile.

It was gone and it struck me that it might have been with Anton. But I hesitated for a moment because I knew I used to read that to him on the phone so I probably had it lying around somewhere. Anyway, it was 2.45am and I was sleepy and cranky but desperate so I messaged him and asked if he had it expecting to see a reply in the morning or later the next day. But lo and behold, there was a reply and it is worth the next two hours spent on the phone, mosquitoes and all. I feel like a kid again.

And, I quote myself on facebook: (She) was panic-ridden over the thought that she had lost her favorite book only to find that it had been kept safe by someone who is sometimes still her favorite person. ♥

So here, have a song!


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