Zombie list of things to write about.

Feels like a zombie after a night’s worth of work and lots of instant milktea. But anyway, I’m enjoying these bright mornings and busy days of being here now.  I’m currently made incoherent by my lack of sleep so allow me to  list the many awesome things I’ve been wanting to say:

  1. Work is done! Joy! Now to MA work.
  2. Watched Hellcats and Covert Operation (?) this morning and really enjoyed seeing smart cheerleaders for once.
  3. Driving to Ortigas with a friend whom I’ve been talking with a lot lately. Feels great to talk. 🙂
  4. Walking through Ortigas to get to Megamall for the premiere of Star Cinema’s ‘I Do.’
  5. Powerbooks having a powerful hold on me. I just broke the anti book-buying rule and bought myself a few gems. (Will post pictures!)
  6. Watched ‘I Do’ with the cast and crew and their fans. Humbling experience. Grounding as well. Makes me appreciate our cinema for whatever it’s worth.
  7. The movie was pretty good. Story-wise and shot-wise. Plus the actors had chemistry…ahem, will elaborate further.
  8. Because something must be written about us as an audience. We are a pretty decent crowd.
  9. Picture time with Enchong Dee. Hahahaha, whee!
  10. Uh, surprise John Mayer tickets. Hahaha, whee again!
  11. Manila field trip on Sunday.
  12. My sister’s coming on Friday.


p.s. I really will miss my students. *tear*



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