The 48-hour weekend.

It started with some live music which I admit having a weakness for. Some bands from AMP (the school’s music org) performed and blew me away. Special mention goes to Leonecast! for their moving set. It’s silly how music affects people. Most of the time, I watch people glued to their mp3 players and wait for emotion to set on their faces but usually, there’s nothing. You’d think they listened to air and even if they did, you wonder why they don’t react anyway. But sometimes, there’s magic. You’re standing in a train waiting for your stop when this girl walks in. Her mind is elsewhere when the doors close behind her but as the train moves you notice her feet tapping to a beat that you wish you were in on too. If there were no one in this car, she’d probably dance, arms flailing, hips set loose. –That’s magic. And sometimes, when the sun is setting (like it was last Friday) you’ll be out in a field of uncut grass listening to these five guys play you a song (or, since I was lucky, three!) and you’ll know where your heart is.  You won’t even worry when you tear up unexpectedly and have this mad urge to tell them just how wonderful their music makes you feel.

In many ways, last weekend was all about the music. I haven’t been to so many gigs in such a short time. After the NU/AMP gig in school (feat. the AMP bands + Franco/Sex on a stick! Kidding!), there was dinner in Pancake House then another gig in Route 186. Finally saw Up Dharma Down perform live and it’s pretty amazing how awesome they sound live. I was just telling Miko & Evee that it’s one of the things I hate most in the world when performers can’t entertain you live. But wow, to be blown away by the songs and their vocalist’s wit! Funneh girl, that one and sweet too. That was an awesome way of commemorating Independence Day (a.k.a. the day we broke up) and Miko’s birthday. Winding down with Miko after all the excitement also felt great. Isn’t it surreal to think of how quickly we’ve grown up? How nice to be young and wild and innocent.

Spent the next day out in another field watching the History boys and girls stage battles in their respective quadrants. I wish I paid more attention and took pictures…shyness distracted me and my mind was elsewhere. This might’ve been the most annoying part of my weekend since I fought someone and gave credence to the term Battle of Bel. It sucks to fight, I know but sometimes I wonder if it matters at all that we’re friends, you know? We work around millions of restrictions and it’s tiring. It feels artificial. Sometimes I just want to know that you care and that we can show affection without having to worry about any drama. Blah blah…

There was also Japanese food, a history lecture and some Baguio stories that followed which I want to write about in a separate post. In the evening though, I caught an Abi Rode gig (in Route, again!) and thought it silly to have lost my virginity to a male performer and his female counterpart,all in the span of 48 hours!

Seriously though, when you hear a good song, aren’t you moved beyond belief?


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