Putting the dinosaurs to rest.

This time machine’s been servicing the dinosaurs for too long. I revived this a year ago with the intention of putting thoughts down to hasten the healing process. I used it as a guide to navigate paths into myself because heartbreak left me somewhat lost and groping in the dark. Fortunately, I don’t feel like a dinosaur anymore. Feeling is gained shortly after the shock and there’s an overflow of it up until the point when you find yourself smiling more often and wanting to dance to anything that moves you. It’s pretty amazing. A year ago today, I wouldn’t have thought it could happen but ‘ye olde writers of literary history have always been right to say that human beings are hard-wired to survive any emotional upheaval and learn a thing or two along the way.

Looking back at the previous posts I noticed that more than anything, these entries also hark back to yearnings that keep me up at night. Dreams of displacement which this blog has tried to chronicle every now and then. In the meantime, the corporeal self walks about and wanders through towns trying to discover all the places that might awaken sleeping cities within–and I’ve found that more than anything, I’m always in an in-between.

Here & There. Here & There.

Getting there from where  I am is also worth talking about and maybe that’s the shift I want to make this time around. Awhile ago in school, I listened to a student talk about the importance of a direction and while I normally prefer having none, it occurred to me that I might actually have one. The stories of this year combined with the plans made for the coming months are worth talking about.

So, yeah, time to put the dinosaur to rest and succumb to this timeless motion.


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