Matters of Taste.

I visited National Bookstore today because it’s the last day of their sale. I was hoping to find something to read but after a good thirty minutes spent browsing, it just didn’t seemappealing to go home with a book. It’s tiresome to keep up with all the stories out there and boy, you really have to choose what speaks to you otherwise you’ll end up wasting time. This book by Harold Bloom called How to Read and Why aptly describes, through its first chapter, the joys of reading and what it means to us. He makes a stellar point when he says that in the end, it’s about developing your own literary tastes and reading what you want to read. Incidentally, Virginia Woolf writes about this too in the last essay of her collection entitled The Common Reader.

These are good thoughts to ponder when buying books. Sometimes i feel compelled to read things because a lot of you say it’s good. Most of the time I trust your taste and rush to secure a copy of whatever book it is that moves you but lately it hasn’t been working out as much. We really need to stumble upon ideas on our own sometimes. That way it’ll be more rewarding to sit in that chair and be moved beyond belief.

By the way, this new WordPress feature called Zemanta is really really making my day. 🙂 Have you tried it yet?


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