Most of the time, I am surprised to find that the places I know can be known still. It’s a pleasant feeling to walk down familiar paths and find that I’m not aware of the names of trees or of the people who walk past them.

Since January, the emphasis of the insights has always been on the new but as of late, with only a month before the start of the Christmas countdown, I’ve fallen into a pattern that allows me to do many things. While I was away from the blogosphere, I read much, slept enough and wrote page after page by hand in an attempt to recover myself. I’m pleased to report that I’ve unearthed myself and I haven’t died yet. What’s amazing to me is the sheer amount of traffic this site has generated while I disappeared. I’m used to a dearth in visitors and I expected that my absence would whittle away what little following I have but lo and behold, most of you have stayed and dropped by enough times to restore my faith in the world. Thank you, dear friends. Your presence makes me want to write some more.

Lately, I’ve been in the habit of eavesdropping and reconstructing stories told by the many people I’ve met so far. I hope to share these with you slowly as they make up most of what I think about during the day. When I’m not listening to others, I’m reading. The incredible list of things to be read has never grown this long but I owe it to gradschool, really. Much as I complain about the length and density of the articles, I have to admit that I’m enjoying myself. It’s always a pleasure to have an idea fight its way into your head and live there until it’s kicked out by another one. Lately, there have been more tenants than I can manage so I keep a journal to house those who keep me up late. I’ve also succumbed to caffeine and am embarrassed to admit that I have trouble functioning without it. It’s knowing that my pee has begun to smell like coffee that is most distressing. It’s unlikely that people would admit to this but the fact remains and my only consolation lies in knowing that at least the person who pees after I do can bask in the smell of coffee. I just hope that I take in enough water to set off ill reactions.

Tonight I feel like sleeping a bit before I read again. Half of me is already under the covers and my shoulders have developed knots from the way my head is angled. I’m tempted to buy those stands they use to place food trays on in the hospital. Patients need not strain their shoulders and neither should bloggers.

It’s so nice to be back.


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